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Judge John Deed: Season One & Pilot Episode

Judge John Deed: Season One & Pilot Episode


Title: Judge John Deed: Season One & Pilot Episode

Author: TV DVD JUD / NR

KDL Description:

“I have recently been binging on a BBC series that I found on our shelves. The series is called Judge John Deed. It is marvelous if you love quality British tv. Judge Deed is a liberal-minded judge on the British high court, and while he runs his court very well, he does run a foul of most of the other judges at times, as well as the Home Office, who are not above skullduggery. Although his heart seems to belong to Jo Mills, a Queen’s Counsel who often appears before him, he does have numerous romantic liaisons, which complicate his relationship with Jo.”—Barb at KDL’s East Grand Rapids branch

Amazon Description:

Judge John Deed is an idealist at heart, and his more traditional colleagues regard him as a dangerous and unpredictable maverick. Deed is proof that power does not have to corrupt. Armed with a sharp intellect, rakish charm, keen wit and a passionate belief in justice, he has made it to the top on his own terms. Fearless and independent, he is sworn to serve State and Sovereign and will not allow himself to be influenced by Government lackeys. Even if it means making powerful enemies.