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Artist Ted

Artist Ted

ISBN: 1416953744

Title: Artist Ted

Author: Andrea Beaty

KDL Description:


Ted decides that his bedroom, as well as his school, needs a touch of an artist. When he cannot find one, he becomes one for the day, much to the dismay of his mother, his principal, and his new classmate, Pierre.

Amazon Description:

Ted paints his way into trouble—and a new friendship—-in this comic adventure.

One morning, Ted realizes that his room needs a little pizzazz—-and for that he needs an artist. Of course, when Ted can’t find an artist, he becomes one! Ted uses his homemade brush and paints to create a portrait of his mom and spruce up the school hallways…until he accidentally hurts the new student’s feelings. Then, once again, it’s Ted to the rescue as the whole school makes their new friend feel welcome.

With crisp, catchy text from a master wordsmith and bright, bold artwork, Artist Ted is a fantastic read-aloud addition to any young artist’s palette.