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Let's Go, Hugo!

Let's Go, Hugo!

ISBN: 0803738641

Title: Let's Go, Hugo!

Author: Angela Dominguez

KDL Description:


After conquering his fear of flying, talented artist Hugo the bird makes a new friend and explores his beloved city of Paris.

Amazon Description:

Hugo is a dapper little bird who adores the Eiffel Tower—or at least his view of it from down here. Hugo, you see, has never left the ground. So when he meets another bird, the determined Lulu, who invites him to fly with her to the top of the tower, Hugo stalls, persuading Lulu to see, on foot, every inch of the park in which he lives instead. Will a nighttime flying lesson from Bernard the Owl, some sweet and sensible encouragement from Lulu, and some extra pluck from Hugo himself finally give this bird the courage he needs to spread his wings and fly?