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Clara and Senor Frog

Clara and Senor Frog

ISBN: 0375936130

Title: Clara and Senor Frog

Author: Campbell Geeslin

KDL Description:


Although her mother works with a magician performing tricks, Clara finds real magic in creating art.

Amazon Description:

Sawed in half? Rabbits pulled from hats? These are tricks, just magic tricks, and Clara knows them all. But on a visit to a rich gringo’s house, she spots a picture of a watermelon, done by a famous artist. The painted fly on it looks so real, Clara swears she saw it move. At last, real magic! Soon Clara discovers her own artistic abilities and she paints as if from a dream: orange cats with silver wings and shells that open up like flowers. This beautiful, original story is peppered with Spanish words, features a character reminiscent of Diego Rivera, and vibrant illustrations that evoke the essence of Mexican art.