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Bridget's Beret

Bridget's Beret

ISBN: 0805087753

Title: Bridget's Beret

Author: Tom Lichtenheld

KDL Description:


When Bridget loses the beret that provides her with artistic inspiration like other great artists, she thinks she will never be able to draw again.

Amazon Description:

Bridget loves to draw, and she likes to wear a beret for inspiration. So when her beloved hat blows away, Bridget searches for it high and low. She files a Missing Beret Report. She even considers other hats, but none of them feel quite right. It’s no use; without her beret, Bridget can’t seem to draw. How will she overcome her artist’s block?

Make sure to check out Bridget’s notebook scribbles at the end of the book for her thoughts and facts on art!

Bridget’s Beret is a 2011 Bank Street—Best Children’s Book of the Year.