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Shade's Children

Shade's Children

ISBN: 0060273240

Title: Shade's Children

Author: Garth Nix

KDL Description:


In a savage post-nuclear world, four young fugitives attempt to overthrow the bloodthirsty rule of the Overlords with the help of Shade, their mysterious mentor.

Amazon Description:

In the brutal world of the future, an unspeakable fate awaits the human children of the dormitories when they turn fourteen. It is from this sad birthday that Shade’s Children Ella, Drum, Gold-Eye, and Ninde have escaped. Hunted ceaselessly by savage mutant creatures, they join forces to form a resistance movement. Cunning, clairvoyance, and sheer desperate force of will help them. But ultimately their fate rests with the charismatic Shade, who calls himself their friend…

This complex, suspenseful, thoroughly absorbing tale of the future fulfills all the promise of Sabriel, Garth Nix’s debut young adult novel.

Praise for Sabriel:

‘Rich, complex, involving, hard to put down, this first novel is excellent high fantasy.’ ‘Publishers Weekly

‘The action charges along at a gallop’a page turner for sure.’ ‘Starred Review/Booklist

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