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The Book of Imaginary Beings

The Book of Imaginary Beings

ISBN: 0670891800

Title: The Book of Imaginary Beings

Author: Jorge Luis Borges

KDL Description:


A compilation of 116 “strange creatures conceived through time and space by the human imagination,” from dragons and centaurs to Lewis Carroll’s Cheshire Cat and the Morlocks of H. G. Wells’ The Time Machine.

Amazon Description: The Book of Imaginary Beings is Borges’s whimsical compendium of more than one hundred of the “strange creatures conceived down through history by the human imagination.” This unique contribution to fantasy literature ranges widely across the world’s mythologies and literatures to bring together the fantastical inventions drawn from the Kabbalah, Homer, Confucius, Shakespeare, Lewis Carroll, and Kafka, among others. Here readers will find the familiar and expected dragons, centaurs, and unicorns, as well as the less familiar and altogether unexpected Animals That Live in the Mirror, the Humbaba, the Simurgh, and other undeniably curious beasts. Throughout, Borges’s cunning and humorous commentary is sheer delight.