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Black Lagoon

Black Lagoon


Title: Black Lagoon

Author: Television Series

KDL Description:


What’s better than earning money? Making! Revy teams up with Sister Eda to save a brilliant counterfeiter from being killed. Of course, they care less about her and more about the money they stand to gain for getting her to safety.

Amazon Description:

One of the best action series of 2007 returns and pulls no punches!

A recent string of murders is the talk of the town. Not that murder is anything unusual, but the twin killers are targeting Hotel Moscow! The delicate balance of power held by the mafia leaders crumbles as the sickening slaughter escalates into a full-blown war of attrition. No quarter is given and none asked for as Balalaika and her soldiers are forced to recall a time when their deadliest enemies were children.