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You Must Be Joking, Two!

You Must Be Joking, Two!

ISBN: 0812627520

Title: You Must Be Joking, Two!

Author: Brewer, Paul

KDL Description:


Presents riddles, jokes and knock-knocks about monsters, aliens, cyberspace, school, pirates, animals, birds and bugs.

Amazon Description:

“What’s smarter than a talking bird?” A spelling bee. “How did the convict use his computer to escape from prison?” He hit the escape key. “What does Harry Potter use to correct his magic?” The spell-checker. This follow-up to the popular You Must Be Joking contains a fresh assortment of jokes, riddles, and knock-knocks. There’s also hilariously fractured song, movie, and book titles arranged by such topics as “Laptop Laughs,” “Screams of Laughter,” and “Fiddle with Riddles.” But these jokes aren’t just for reading: author/illustrator Paul Brewer includes 11-1/2 tips that show future comedians how to prepare and perform their own stand-up routines. In addition to memorizing jokes from books, he encourages young comics to make up their own. He also suggests they watch old movies and television shows to study the comic styles of greats like Charlie Chaplin, Groucho Marx, and Lucille Ball. This blend of practical advice — “Use crazy cartoon voices, facial expressions, hand gestures, and walks” — witty artwork, and plenty of jokes is a must-have for budding comics or any young reader who enjoys a good laugh.