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Kids' Silliest Riddles

Kids' Silliest Riddles

ISBN: 1402700059

Title: Kids' Silliest Riddles

Author: Jacqueline Horsfall

KDL Description:


Collects themed riddles and jokes having to do with picnics, the beach, and food.

Amazon Description:

Picnic pranks and monkeyshines, knock-knocks and lots of yuks! From beach bloopers to garden goofies to fast-food freak-outs, every riddle here will make you giggle uncontrollably. What do cats carry to picnics? Mice chests. What kind of monkey can fly? Hot-air baboons. Why was the martial arts expert arts expert sick? He had kung flu. Why do dogs like to eat at Italian restaurants? For the paws-ta. You’ll want to share the laughs with all your pals! A Selection of Scholastic Book Clubs.