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Me Too! (I Like to Read®)

Me Too! (I Like to Read®)

ISBN: 9780823427444

Title: Me Too! (I Like to Read®)

Author: Valeri Gorbachev

KDL Description:


Chipmunk and Bear spend a snowy day together and discover that they like to do all of the same things.

Amazon Description:

Chipmunk and Bear have a lot in common, despite their difference in size. And Chipmunk is determined to emulate his big friend. “I love snow,” says Bear. “Me, too!” says Chipmunk. The two dig a path through the snow, build a jolly snowman, have fun skating and skiing—although Chipmunk does need a bit of help from time to time. Warmth and humor fill the snowy-day adventures of two friends who, despite their physical differences, share work and play and true companionship.