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Pomelo's Opposites (Pomelo the Garden Elephant)

Pomelo's Opposites (Pomelo the Garden Elephant)

ISBN: 9781592701322

Title: Pomelo's Opposites (Pomelo the Garden Elephant)

Author: Ramona Badescu

KDL Description:


Pomelo the garden elephant explains such opposites as on and off, visible and invisible, and full and empty.

Amazon Description:

Pomelo, our ele-fantastic hero, is here again in a surprisingly comic and playful book of opposites. True to the concept, there are classic oppositions such as left/right, thin/fat, up/down. There are also philosophical opposites, such as with/without, dream/reality, and possible/impossible. And then there are silly, surreal, and laugh-out-loud opposites for the reader to discover on his or her own!

Pomelo’s Opposites is the third book in our Pomelo the Garden Elephant series and is a companion volume (matching format) to Pomelo Explores Color. The first book, Pomelo Begins to Grow, was a New York Times Book Review Notable Book and Editors’ Choice of 2011.

Ramona Badescu was born in 1980 in southern Romania. She arrived in France at the age of eleven and started to write for children ten years later. She lives in the wonderfully diverse French city of Marseille.

Benjamin Chaud lives and works in Paris, France. He has illustrated an impressive number of picture books and has written at least one as well.