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Bobcat and Other Stories

Bobcat and Other Stories

ISBN: 1616201738

Title: Bobcat and Other Stories

Author: Rebecca Lee

KDL Description:


“This short story collection got a glowing recommendation from a coworker and so I gave it a try even though short stories aren’t usually my favorite. I’m so glad I stepped out of my comfort zone because the stories were all marvelously written with interesting characters I feel I will remember for a long time.”
—Morgan at KDL’s East Grand Rapids branch

Amazon Description:

Rebecca Lee, one of our most gifted and original short story writers, guides readers into a range of landscapes, both foreign and domestic, crafting stories as rich as novels. A student plagiarizes a paper and holds fast to her alibi until she finds herself complicit in the resurrection of one professor’s shadowy past. A dinner party becomes the occasion for the dissolution of more than one marriage. A woman is hired to find a wife for the one true soulmate she’s ever found. In all, Rebecca Lee traverses the terrain of infidelity, obligation, sacrifice, jealousy, and yet finally, optimism. Showing people at their most vulnerable, Lee creates characters so wonderfully flawed, so driven by their desire, so compelled to make sense of their human condition, that it’s impossible not to feel for them when their fragile belief in romantic love, domestic bliss, or academic seclusion fails to provide them with the sort of force field they’d expected.