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The Secret of Raven Point: A Novel

The Secret of Raven Point: A Novel

ISBN: 1439167001

Title: The Secret of Raven Point: A Novel

Author: Jennifer Vanderbes

KDL Description:


“It’s 1943 and World War II is raging when 17-year-old Juliet Dufresne finds out her enlisted brother, Tuck, is missing in action. Desperate to find him, Juliet lies about her age and joins the Army as a nurse, requesting to be sent to the front in Italy where her brother was last seen. Amidst the daily horrors of trying to piece men back together mentally and physically, Juliet searches for information about Tuck. Her journey to find out what happened to Tuck and the bonds she forges with her fellow nurses and doctors are all compellingly portrayed by Vanderbes in this excellent novel.”
—Melissa at KDL’s Service Center

Amazon Description: From the award-winning writer of Easter Island comes a powerful story of love, loss, and redemption amid the ruins of war-torn Italy.

1943: When seventeen-year-old Juliet Dufresne receives a cryptic letter from her enlisted brother and then discovers that he’s been reported missing in action, she lies about her age and travels to the front lines as an army nurse, determined to find him. Shy and awkward, Juliet is thrust into the bloody chaos of a field hospital, a sprawling encampment north of Rome where she forges new friendships and is increasingly consumed by the plight of her patients. One in particular, Christopher Barnaby, a deserter awaiting court-martial, may hold the answer to her brother’s whereabouts—but the trauma of war has left him catatonic. Racing against the clock, Juliet works with an enigmatic young psychiatrist, Dr. Henry Willard, to break Barnaby’s silence before the authorities take him away. Plunged into the horrifying depths of one man’s memories of combat, Juliet and Willard are forced to plumb the moral nuances of a so-called just war and to face the dangers of their own deepening emotional connection.

In luminous prose, Vanderbes tells the story of one girl’s fierce determination to find her brother as she comes of age in a time of unrelenting violence. Haunting, heartbreaking, and ultimately uplifting, The Secret of Raven Point is an unforgettable war saga that captures the experiences of soldiers long after the battles have ended.