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Bowling Alley Bandit (Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)

Bowling Alley Bandit (Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)

ISBN: 0805090762

Title: Bowling Alley Bandit (Adventures of Arnie the Doughnut)

Author: Laurie Keller

KDL Description:


Arnie the talking doughnut is delighted to be Mr. Bing’s new pet “doughnut-dog,” so when Mr. Bing starts rolling gutter balls during a big bowling tournament, Arnie suspects foul play and sets out to solve the mystery.

Amazon Description:

As Mr. Bing’s new pet “doughnut dog,” Arnie couldn’t be happier. When Mr. Bing joins a bowling league, Arnie gets to go along to practices and competitions. But then Mr. Bing starts rolling gutter balls. Someone or something is behind the madness. Arnie, together with his team of goofball friends, must sort through the shenanigans and solve the mystery. Get ready for some sleuthing and even some magic.

            Full of Laurie Keller’s winning charm and silly humor, this chapter book—the first in the series—is sure to please her many fans.

A Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2013