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Gooney Bird and All Her Charms (Gooney Bird Greene)

Gooney Bird and All Her Charms (Gooney Bird Greene)

ISBN: 0544113543

Title: Gooney Bird and All Her Charms (Gooney Bird Greene)

Author: Lois Lowry

KDL Description:


Gooney Bird’s Great Uncle Walter lends her second grade class a skeleton while they study human anatomy and at the end of the month the students use Gooney Bird’s charm bracelet to present all they have learned.

Amazon Description:

“It’s March!” Mrs. Pidgeon said as she wrote the day’s date on the chalkboard. “In like a lion, out like a lamb!”

The morning bell has rung at Watertower Elementary School, and it’s time for Mrs. Pidgeon’s class to turn to page 52 in their science books to learn about one of the most spectacular scientific subjects of all—the human body! As usual, Gooney Bird has a special plan to make learning more fun. But what on earth is in that scary-looking box that her uncle, Dr. Oglethorpe, has brought to the second grade? And what does it have to do with the charms on Gooney’s jingling silver bracelet? It looks as if another special story is in the works!