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Web of Air (Mortal Engines)

Web of Air (Mortal Engines)

ISBN: 1407115200

Title: Web of Air (Mortal Engines)

Author: Philip Reeve

KDL Description:


In Mayda, a post-apocalyptic city off the coast of Portugal, a brilliant young engineer and a mysterious recluse race to build a flying machine, unaware that powerful enemies will kill to possess—or destroy—their new technology.

Amazon Description:

In a faraway corner of a ruined world, a mysterious boy is building a flying machine. Birds help him, and so does a beautiful, brilliant, half-human engineer called Fever Crumb. But powerful enemies stalk them – either to possess their revolutionary invention, or to destroy the secrets of flight forever. This is the breathtaking new story from the awesome world of “Mortal Engines”. Award-winning writer Philip Reeve creates an extraordinary new city of moving buildings and human birds in a classic novel that is sure to thrill fans young and old.