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Murder At Midnight

Murder At Midnight

ISBN: 9780545080903

Title: Murder At Midnight

Author: Avi

KDL Description:


Falsely accused of plotting to overthrow King Claudio, scholarly Mangus the magician, along with his street-smart servant boy, Fabrizio, face deadly consequences unless they can track down the real traitor by the stroke of midnight.

Amazon Description:

A plot to overthrow King Claudio is brewing in the Kingdom of Pergamontio. Scholarly Mangus the magician—along with his street-smart and faithful new servant boy, Fabrizio—have been marked as easy scapegoats for the traitor lurking within the king’s court. Together, these two unlikely partners must gather clues to solve the mystery and prove their innocence before the stroke of midnight. . . or face death!

Intricate plotting, surprise twists, and lively prose make for another suspenseful page-turner that stands alone or sets the stage for MIDNIGHT MAGIC!


“A medieval mystery that will keep readers guessing to the very end.”—Booklist

“With snappy dialogue, nonstop action and lavishly embriodered period backdrops, this will please Avi’s fans and may well win over some new ones.”—Publishers Weekly, starred review

“The pages fly with intrigue and action.”—Horn Book