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Swim, Boots, Swim! (Dora the Explorer)

Swim, Boots, Swim! (Dora the Explorer)

ISBN: 1416971955

Title: Swim, Boots, Swim! (Dora the Explorer)

Author: Phoebe Beinstein

KDL Description:


Dora wants to spend a day at the ocean. She is surprised to learn that Boots doesn’t know how to swim. Join Dora and Boots as Boots gets his first swimming lesson from Mariana the Mermaid.

Amazon Description:

Dora and her friends are back in an exciting new adventure! It’s a beautiful day and Dora invties Boots to go swimming in the ocean with her. But Dora learns that Boots does not know how to swim. That’s okay, Dora’s friend Mariana the Mermaid is happy to give boots a swimming lesson. Kids will love cheering Boots on in this charming interactive adventure!