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Changing Times (Adventures in Odyssey #22)

Changing Times (Adventures in Odyssey #22)

ISBN: 1561793809

Title: Changing Times (Adventures in Odyssey #22)

Author: AIO Team

KDL Description:


This set features 12 episodes from the “Adventures in Odyssey” weekly children’s Christian radio program.
Compact discs.

Amazon Description:

Welcome to Odyssey, the land of change—well, at least that’s how it seems these days! Some new folks have moved into town, and others are finding themselves in siutations they couldn’t have imagined in their wildest dreams. So, come on along and check out the latest in the most exciting neighborhood around!

Volume 22 contains the following stories (and themes):

  • Tom for Mayor, 1 & 2 (Civic action)
  • Siege at Jericho (Faith)
  • George under Pressure (Coping with pressure)
  • A Name, Not a Number, 1 & 2 (Friendship, good vs. evil)
  • A Code of Honor (Making a difference)
  • A Call for Reverend Jimmy (God’s call)
  • Soaplessly Devoted (Discernment)
  • Blackbeard’s Treasure (Confidence in God)
  • Red Wagons and Pink Flamingos (Reconciliation)
  • Unto Us a Child Is Born (The Christmas story)