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Mistik Lake (Melanie Kroupa Books)

Mistik Lake (Melanie Kroupa Books)

ISBN: 0374349851

Title: Mistik Lake (Melanie Kroupa Books)

Author: Martha Brooks

Amazon Description:

Seventeen-year-old Odella is haunted by family secrets. Why doesn’t her great-aunt Gloria visit anymore? Why does her mother, Sally, drink so much? Sally’s tragic car accident on a frozen lake when she was sixteen seems to have cast a spell over her life that no one can break. Odella tries to hold her family together, but when her mother runs off, the family is left reeling. Then Odella meets Jimmy Tomasson, whose dreams of prophetic flying fish seem to have led him to her. In the heat and tenderness of their deepening feelings and in his belief in her, Odella begins to find the strength to unravel the web of secrets that has ensnared them all.

This stunning novel, written in spare, elegant prose and told from multiple points of view, explores the lives of three generations of women in one family, revealing what happens when you don’t have the courage to follow your own heart, and what can happen when you do.