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ISBN: 0312614144

Title: Slayers

Author: C. J. Hill

KDL Description:


“Action packed teen fantasy featuring Dragon camp and teens with super powers who are training to fight real dragons. Tori’s first summer at camp is full of surprises and will test her natural and supernatural skills to the limit!”
—Beth at KDL’s Gaines Township Branch

Amazon Description:

Dragons exist. They’re ferocious. And they’re smart: Before they were killed off by slayer-knights, they rendered a select group of eggs dormant, so their offspring would survive. Only a handful of people know about this, let alone believe it – these “Slayers” are descended from the original knights, and are now a diverse group of teens that includes Tori, a smart but spoiled senator’s daughter who didn’t sign up to save the world.

The dragon eggs have fallen into the wrong hands. The Slayers must work together to stop the eggs from hatching. They will fight; they will fall in love. But will they survive?