Winter Reading Road Trip

Take a Virtual Reading Road Trip!

Sign up at any KDL branch and receive a map
that will take you on a journey to jumpstart your winter reading!

December 1 – March 19



  1. For each book that you read, place an X through 1 square on your road map.

  2. Advance 2 squares for each Web Challenge or Off the Beaten Path Challenge you complete.
    • Web Challenges ask you to discover some of the wonderful information available on the KDL website. (See more specific information below.)

    • Off the Beaten Path Challenges ask you to read something selected from a library display or chosen from a KDL booklist. (See links to booklists below.)

  3. Each time you have advanced 4 spaces, go to any KDL branch and enter your name in a Reading Raffle prize drawing for gift certificates to local businesses. Prize drawings will be held weekly.Sony Reader

  4. Complete the entire road map and turn it in for the final drawing on Saturday, March 19, 2011. One winner from each branch will receive a $50 gift certificate to area restaurants. In addition, everyone who completes the Winter Reading Road Trip will be entered in a drawing to win a Sony Reader Pocket Edition (PRS-350SC) eReader with cover.

Please help us improve the Winter Reading Road Trip Reading Club by providing your feedback!


For more Winter Reading Road Trip Resources,
select a link below:

Road MapReading Log


  • Web Challenges
    — Select from the following options:

    1. Get to Know KDL

    2. Find a Book... or a Bookclub

    3. Finding Great Websites

    4. Computer Tips from KDL

    5. Database Challenge 1

    6. Database Challenge 2


  • Off the Beaten Path Challenges
    — Choose a book from a library display
    or a booklist:


  • road

    Enjoy the Journey!