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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. When can we sign up?

Anytime starting June 2. Just visit your local KDL branch library.

2. My child is too young to read by herself. Can she still participate?

Yes, younger kids can be read to by adults or older siblings. Just follow the "Not Yet Reading?" instructions in the reading log. If you have a child 24 months or younger, use the chart on the back of the log filled with fun activities just for your baby or toddler.

3. Do we have to read library books?

No, any reading material is okay as long as your child is reading at his or her reading level. Audiobooks and magazines count too!

4. We won't be able to attend the programs. Can we still participate?

Yes, the programs are just for fun!

5. Will we have to report on the books we've read?

No, Summer Reading is run on the honor system, although parents do need to sign off on the reading log when kids turn it in to collect prizes and enter the drawings.

6. I won't be here this summer because I'm visiting my grandparents or a parent who lives in another state. What should I do?

Virtually every public library in the U.S. has a summer reading club. Almost every town you visit will have a public library with a reading club and programs for kids that you can join. KDL also has an Experience Summer online program that can be done from anywhere.

7. Do we have to wait until August 9 to collect our prizes?

No, come in whenever you have marked enough squares on your log, but feel free to keep reading!


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