Acceptable Forms of Library Card Identification


Acceptable forms of library card identification include:

  • Current Michigan Driver's License
  • Current Michigan Identification Card
  • Current Resident Alien Card


If you do not have one of the above forms of identification, please provide alternative identification that includes your name and current address, as well as a second identification with a photo.

Acceptable proof of name and current address:

  • Current Michigan Driver's License Permit
  • Voter registration card
  • Current utility bill, lease agreement or piece of post-marked mail (not advertising circulars or mass mailings)
  • Hospitalization, insurance card or automobile registration
  • Printed checks
  • Current property tax bill

Acceptable picture identification (must include photo and name):

  • Employment IDs, school IDs, jail IDs and out-of-state driver's licenses and passports
  • IDs issued from other countries as long as the person's name is written in English (Roman alphabet)
  • IDs issued from Costco, Sam's Club, gym memberships, etc.