Teen Writing Workshop


Aspiring authors can develop their talent in this new writing community. Inspiration and instruction is available here through videos featuring local authors, writing prompts and critique worksheets.

Five in-person discussion sessions led by GRCC writing professor Rachel Lutwick-Deaner will be held throughout the year focusing on peer-to-peer feedback. For teens grades 6–12.

Featured Author Videos:

Writing Prompt:
Write a paragraph about two or more items you find in your refrigerator – or – about the strangest thing you have ever eaten.

Writing Prompt:
Try to imagine one of the scenes from Miss Spitfire from Helen Keller's point of view. Realize the limitations that Helen had at the time and write in a way that conveys her special circumstances. Compare your version to Sarah's version written from Annie Sullivan's point of view. How do they compare and how do they differ?

Writing Prompt:
Aric Davis loves writing about Grand Rapids. He has had great success setting his books here in his hometown. Write a story based in your hometown. It may involve visiting a part of town you haven't been to before or somewhere you haven't been in a long time. Try and evoke the feeling of the place in your writing. Make your city come to life.

Writing Prompt:
Take a moment to look around you at school, at the store, or at home. Find someone with an interesting physical feature (like Sojourner Truth's hands) and write a paragraph about what makes it unique. You could also research your favorite historical figure and find one of their interesting qualities to describe.

Writing Prompt:
Just like Sue took inspiration from Big O's café, try writing about a recent restaurant visit. Consider what you ate, what the people around you were doing and what you were discussing during your meal. Your inspiration can come from anywhere — remember that Sue found her topic from a postcard posted in the restroom.

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