Documentary and Animation


1st Place – Choir Concert Reschedule
Broadcast announcing the rescheduling of the Forest Hills Eastern singers choir concert, due to a tornado warning.
Director: Ryan Mammina


2nd Place – EGR Library

Information about the EGR library.
Director: Ben Utter



1st Place – Star Wars Episode 3 ½
Jar Jar Bink has been captured by imperial clones. He is held captive on Naboo until Obi Wan comes and saves him.
Director: Jared Spencer

Video Unavailable

2nd Place – Lego Dance Party
Lego guys dancing
Director: Jared Spencer


3rd Place – Lego Indiana Jones and the Golden Idol

Indiana Jones goes after a precious artifact, the Golden Idol, in this Lego animated remake of Steven Spielberg/George Lucas' classic, Raiders of the Lost Ark.
Director: Chandler Versluis


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Congratulations all! Keep those cameras rolling!