Music Video and Special Mention

Music Video

1st Place – Lip Gloss
Director: Spencer Miller

Video Unavailable

Special Mention

Best Key Grip - Batman: To Bat Or Not To Bat
Batman's arch enemies, Two-Face and the Joker, turn the hero into a bat and Batman and his friends must race to turn him back. Have the villians defeated Batman once and for all?
Director: Leah Woltanski


Special Effects – Jaytrix

Jonah Anderson looks for a master to train to be able to enter the Jaytrix.
Directors: Tyler Suing and Jonah Anderson


Best Actor – Cody Seevers in Mission Bread: The Final Loaf

A boy who wants toast really badly, but when he gets to the kitchen, there is no bread. He goes on a mission to find bread.
Director: Tyler John Seevers



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Congratulations all! Keep those cameras rolling!