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KDLcast podcast

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Experience great library programs in a new, exciting way. KDLcast features library programs that you can listen to anywhere. A new podcast will be added to the KDLcast at least once a month. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.

KDLcast Book Talk #12: Award-winning teen and middle-grade books

Three of our librarians explore award-winning teen and middle-grade books and the exciting new books due out later this year. (Recorded March 5, 2018 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

KDLcast Book Talk #11: Five-star Goodreads reviews

We share the books to which we gave five-star reviews on Goodreads. We talk about the joy of tracking the books you read and what KDL offers on Goodreads. Our chat ranges in topics from books based on food, art in fiction, how we feel about different writing styles and a couple of our favorite TV shows. (Recorded Dec. 13, 2017 at our Byron Township Branch.)

KDLcast Book Talk #10: Books that surprised us

We talk books that were better, different or even worse that we thought they’d be. We also discuss reading for different reasons like for pure pleasure or for a challenge. The titles run the gamut from history, classics, superheroes, new fantasies and more. (Recorded Oct. 5, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

KDLcast Book Talk #9: Picks from our favorite genres

How amazing are our favorite genres of literature? Let us count the ways! Three KDL librarians talk about books that showcase their go-to book genres, covering nonfiction, romance, science fiction, historical mystery and more. (Recorded Aug. 29, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

KDLcast Book Talk #8: Books that defined us

Three of our staff reveal the books that shaped them into the people they've become. In the course of that conversation, they cover topics like generational books, teen novels suited for all ages and the ways books can expand our way of thinking. (Recorded May 16, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

KDLcast Book Talk #7: Teen books

For the young and the young at heart, four of our staff share their favorite teen reads in the latest KDLcast Book Talk. They cover adventure, fantasy, historical fiction and more. (Recorded May 15, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

#19 Grilling with Keith Hall

We talk to Keith Hall, owner of The Grilling Company in Belmont, Mich., about the KDL Rib Cook-Off coming up on Aug. 12 at our SuperPartyWonderDay. Keith shares tips for grilling a great rack of ribs and expounds upon the fun of joining a grilling competition and sides that hit the spot with your barbecue.

#18 Genealogy with Adam Oster

Learn about the great possibilities of genealogy research with Adam Oster, an Adult Librarian at our Kentwood Branch. Adam talks about his love of exploring family history, how exciting genealogy can be and some tips for your own genealogical research. Between July 3 and July 24, 2017 we're offering five Genealogy Research programs.

KDLcast Book Talk #6: Science fiction and fantasy

When real life just doesn't cut it, science fiction and fantasy is one of our favorite genres to fill the void. In our latest KDLcast Book Talk, three of our staff explore a wide range of their favorites in this broad category. From series to stand-alone titles, we delve into how varied sci-fi literature is and recommend dozens of related books and DVDs. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded May 1, 2017 at the Grandville Branch.)

KDLcast Book Talk #5: Nonfiction

We love a good story but there's something so irresistible about a good true story: It puts into perspective all that is past and possible. Three of our librarians convene for KDLcast Book Talk No. 5 to share their favorite nonfiction books in a wide-ranging discussion that covers everything from audiobooks to memoirs, humor, sports and more. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded March 22, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

KDLcast Book Talk #4: Children's books

We're thrilled to devote our first episode to exclusively kids' titles! For KDLcast Book Talk No. 4, three of our staff join to discuss some of their favorite juvenile books (both fiction and nonfiction) and picture books. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded Feb. 20, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

#17 Grandville and Wyoming Read: All American Boys

This special KDLcast is a joint production with Loud in the Library, a podcast with Forest Hills Public Schools teacher librarians Tracy Chrenka and Chris Patrick. The three of us have a conversation with Jason Reynolds and Brendan Kieley, the authors of All American Boys, before their March 27 presentation at the KDL Wyoming branch for our Grandville and Wyoming Read program. We talk about the unique process of writing All American Boys, how the book talks about race and the experience of having conversations on difficult subjects.

KDLcast Book Talk #3: Favorites from 2016

Asking a librarian the title of his or her favorite book is like asking a parent to choose their favorite child: an impossible task! Nevertheless, we bravely soldier on for you, dear reader, in KDLcast Book Talk #3, in which three of our librarians talk about their top 2016 titles. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded Jan. 13, 2017 at the KDL Service and Meeting Center.)

#16 Classic Country with The Bootstrap Boys

Grand Rapids-based The Bootstrap Boys talk about how they came from different musical backgrounds to form a classic country band, how being a classic country band has unique challenges and their experiences recording music videos in unique places. The Bootstrap Boys will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 12, 2017, at our Cascade Township Branch, 2870 Jacksmith Ave. SE, as part of our free Sunday Afternoon Live indoor concert series.

KDLcast Book Talk #2: Our rereads

Four of our librarians reveal some of their go-to titles when they feel like cracking open an oldie but goodie. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded Dec. 21, 2016 at the KDL Service Center.)

#15 The Origin Story of Cedar Springs Brewing Co.

You can take the boy out of the brewery but not the brewery out of the boy, says Dave Ringler of Cedar Springs Brewing Company. Ringler, who honed his craft by working at breweries in Germany and Michigan, chats about how he founded Cedar Springs Brewing Co., the atmosphere he strives for and the history of beer.The brewery, located at 95 N. Main, Cedar Springs, will offer a tour and discounted tasting flight as part of our KD aLe series at 6:30 p.m. on Jan. 25, 2017.

#14 The German Connection at Kitzingen Brewery

Rommie Bailey of Kitzingen Brewery in Wyoming, Mich., chats about being an entrepreneur, his obsession with hefeweizen-style beer and his unique path from Germany to brewery owner. Kitzingen Brewery provided Kent District Library patrons a brewery tour on Jan. 11 as part of our KD aLe series, which continues through May 23, 2017.

KDLcast Book Talk #1: Our favorite authors (for today)

Three of our librarians sit down for our inaugural KDLcast Book Talk to each discuss their favorite author and their top three titles by that author. For a full list and links to our catalog of all the titles and authors we talked about, visit the KDL Blog. (Recorded Nov. 23, 2016 at the KDL Service Center.)

#13 Exploring the Local Music Landscape with The Crane Wives

Grand Rapids indie-folk group The Crane Wives formed in 2010 and have gone on to release four full-length albums. They chat about their creative process, the local music scene and what it means, to them, to be a successful musician. The Crane Wives will perform at 2 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 13, 2016, at our Cascade Township Branch, 2870 Jacksmith Ave. SE, as part of our free Sunday Afternoon Live indoor concert series.

#12 Timothy Zahn Talks Star Wars and Writing

Prolific science fiction author Timothy Zahn, recently in town for the Grand Con Gaming Convention, talks about Star Wars, his writing process and the popularity of his Star Wars character, Grand Admiral Thrawn of the Thrawn Trilogy. Find his stories in our catalog.

#11 Craft Cider at The Peoples Cider Co.

Jason Lummen chats about the origins of The Peoples Cider Company, which debuted in Grand Rapids in 2011, and his philosophy to cider and business. Join us for a KDL Uncorked tour and tasting at 6:30 p.m. on Nov. 9, 2016, at The People's Cider Co. Check out our full KDL Uncorked series line-up. (Note: Some occasional cursing in the interview.)

#10 A Taste of Wine in Rockford

Kayla Rae Cellars owner Karen Grossman shares the Rockford, Mich., winery's top sellers; what Michigan's wine and cider industry has to offer; and advice for attending a tasting. Check out our full KDL Uncorked series line-up.

#9 The Craft of Making Cider

Fourth-generation farmer Andy Sietsema talks about the family business of Sietsema Orchards & Cider Mill in Ada, Mich., and the craft of making hard cider. Join us for our KDL Uncorked tour of the orchards and cider mill on Sept. 28, 2016, at 6 p.m. Don't forget to check out the entire KDL Uncorked series line-up.

#8 Extraterrestrial Life: What Lies Beyond Us

Are we alone in the universe? Jason Smolinski, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Calvin College, talks about discoveries of planets outside our solar system and the conditions required for life to exist. (Recorded at the Grandville Branch)

#7 On Writing and Write Michigan

Grand Rapids author Adam Schuitema, an associate professor of English at Kendall College of Art and Design, chats about the fourth annual Write Michigan short story contest, his most recent work Haymaker, and the literary life.

#6 Hikes with Tom Funke

Join uber-hiker Tom Funke, author of Explorer’s Guide 50 Hikes in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, as he shares stories and hiking tips about the places he’s visited. (Recorded at the Englehardt Branch in Lowell)

#5 Let's Hit the Road

Think you’ve been everywhere in Michigan? Learn about the hidden treasures you may have missed, tucked away along Michigan's back roads, with travel author Ron Rademacher. (Recorded at the Byron Township Branch)

#4 Backyard Birding

Make your backyard a safe, attractive place for a variety of birds so you don’t have to go far to enjoy observing them. Kristin Tindall, a nature educator at Blandford Nature Center, shares some suggestions. (Recorded at the Cascade Township Branch)

#3 Rivers and Rainbarrels

Ondrea Spychalski, the Water Programs Outreach Coordinator for the West Michigan Environmental Action Council, talks about the organization’s rain barrel program and how to acquire and set up your own rain barrel. (Recorded at the Wyoming Branch)

#2 Back Roads of Michigan: Oddities and Rarities

Travel along the back roads with author and Michigan expert Ron Rademacher and discover hidden state treasures you may have missed. (Recorded at the Grandville Branch)

#1 Gluten-Free Lifestyle with Chef Teri Reese

Chef Teri Reese talks about how to add gluten-free foods to your life. (Recorded at the Grandville Branch)